User Guide

Mentions & Watchers

Mentions are a powerful and useful way to draw someone's attention in Jira. Now with Mentions & Watchers app you can communicate and draw a groups/roles attention. When you mention a group/roles, member's of that group/role will receive a notification by email as they would when you mention them using @mentions.

There are two ways mention a group/role: using autocomplete, or via the insert menu in the editor toolbar.

Using autocomplete

To mention a group using autocomplete, type ~ in the editor and start typing the group name you wish to mention. Choose the group you wish to mention from the list of suggestions.

Mentions & Watchers will suggest groups that have access to this issue/project and continue to suggest matches as you type like mentions.

Using the insert menu

In Description OR Comment field, choose Insert → Mentions & Watchers then search for and select the group you want to mention.

Custom field support

We have introduced two custom fields

Groups and Roles mentioned will be added to these field to help you visualise and write queries to filter.

JQL Function:
Will help you identify issues that have mentions of groups you belong to.

Example JQL

"Mentioned Groups" in myGroups("")
"Mentioned Groups" in (jira-servicedesk-users)

Function "myGroups" can be used with any group picker field.

Manage groups watching

When you mention a group on an issue and your Jira administrator has enabled group watching you should be able to view and manage the groups who are watching this issue.

! To remove a group watching this issue you need “Manage Watchers” permission and group watching should be enabled by your Jira admin.